Amber Murano Chandelier by Mazzega

German Chandelier from 70s by Doria

"Jill Wall" Lilac Sconces by Arteluce


Italian Discs Murano Milk Chandelier

German Sconces by Kinkeldey from 70s

Large Murano Chandelier by Mazzega

Magic Murano Table Lamps

Italian "Lucia" Chandelier by Isao Hosoe

Austrian "Ice-Glass" Chandelier from 80s

Murano Sconces by Barovier & Toso

Caramel Murano Sconses by Mazzega

Italian table Lamps from 80s

Brass Tortoiseshell Lamps by BD Lumica

Italian Lamps by Kazuhide Takahama

Italian Glass Rod Sconces

Italian Murano Chandelier by Mazzega

Murano Sconces from 70s

Interlocking Chandelier by Carlo Nason

Pair of Sconces by Estiluz from 80s

Pair of Large Murano Sconces from 70s

Set of 3 Sconces by Esliluz, Barcelona

Murano Pair of Lamps from 80s

Sconces by Estiluz from 80s

Table Lamps "Philippe Barbier" from 70s

Opaline Table Lamps from 70s

Golden Sconces by Estiluz from 80s

Perforated Metal Sconces

Black Sconces by Esliluz from 80s (Hold on)

Postmodern Sconces by Estiluz

"Moon" Navy Pair of Lamps

"delamp" Table Lamp by Rob Wermenbol

Huge Lamp by J. A. Blanc by Tramo

"Bambina" Table Lamp by Fase

"Moon" Table Lamp by Slamp

Pair of Norwegian Sconces from 70s

"Delta" Table Lamps by Mario Bertorelle

Sconces by Miguel Milá for Tramo

"Scorpio" Table Lamp by Fase from 80s

Pair of Chrome Table Lamps

Huge Lucite Table Lamp by André Ricard

Teardrop Sconce by Gaetano Sciolari

Pair of Table Lamps by CLAR, Barcelona

Table Lamp by Jean-Pierre Vitrac

Ice-Glass Wall Sconces by Kalmar

Opaline Table Lamps from 70s

Italian Flush Mount from 70s by Reggiani

Huge Murano Italian Table Lamps

Murano Chandelier by Lino Tagliapietra

Smoked Glass Chandelier by Kalmar

Danish Chandeliers from 70s by Bent Nordsted

Doubles tubular Wall Sconces from 80s - 4 units


White Murano Table Lamps - Carlo Nason

GIANT Table Lamp - By Willy Rizzo for Lumica

Spanish Wall Sconces from 80s - "Metalarte"

HUGE Italian Table Lamps from 70s

Mazzega Wall Sconce from 70s

Teardrop Chandelier from 70 by BD Lumica

Italian Tubular Table Lamps by Reggiani

Pink/Clear Spiral Chandelier

Degradé Table Lamp - LUMICA

Danish Brass Table Lamp from 70s

HUGE "Kalmar" Chandelier from 70s

GIANT Table Lamps - Willy Rizzo

HUGE German Chandelier "Kinkeldey"

MAZZEGA Table Lamp from 70s

BD LUMICA Flloor Lamp

BD LUMICA Chandelier

Gold Spanish Table Lamps

French Table Lamp


SILVER Table Lamp from 70s

Metalarte Sconces from 80s

GIANT "CLAR" Table Lamp

Large LUMICA Table Lamp from 70s

Tubular Wall Sconces (4 units)

Gold Table Lamps "CLAR"

Sconces from 80s

Table Lamps - Willy Rizzo

BD Table Lamp from 70s

Metalarte Wall Sconces (4 units)

W. Rizzo Table Lamp

German Sputnik Chandelier

LUMICA Table Lamp from 70s

Willy Rizzo Lamp Gold/Carey

Kinkeldey Wall Sconces from 70s

Pair of Kinkeldey Wall Sconces

Kinkeldey Sconces

French Wall Sconces from 70s

Mazzega Amber Chandelier

German Sputnik Chandelier from 60s